Career Planning

This is your chance to gain diverse hotel management experience
at locations throughout Japan!

We specialize in hotel management, starting with hospitality. As such, we enable our employees to embark on a wide range of hotel management careers that offer the potential for future advancement.

  • Enter company

    Enter company

    Enter compan
  • New-hire training

    New-hire training

    New-hire training
  • On-the-job training assignments + Diverse hotel operation experience

    On-the-job training assignments + Diverse hotel operation experience

    On-the-job training assignments + Diverse hotel operation experience
    • Deputy manager

    • Headquarter operations

      • Area manager
      • HR, accounting
      • Revenue management
      • Legal affairs, sales
      • New hotel development, etc.
      Deputy manager

Sample career plan

1st step

Upon entering the company, you receive new-hire training and are assigned to a hotel. You handle service duties as on-the-job training and, through job rotations in various departments within the hotel, gain comprehensive hotel-related knowledge and learn the fundamentals for developing a hospitality mindset. There’s no need for concern when taking on a new job because your more experienced colleagues are more than happy to provide assistance and guidance. Therefore, we encourage you to take the initiative in your work. During the first three years at the company you will gain experience working at two or three hotel locations in such areas as restaurant service, front operations, and assorted administrative roles.

2nd step

After gaining a broad understanding of all fundamental hotel operations, in consideration of your language abilities, skills, and aptitude, you advance to the position of deputy manager. While gaining experience at multiple hotels, you become increasingly involved in actual hotel management.

3rd step

The goal, which could be reached as early as your fifth year in the company, is for you to take charge of various sections or be responsible for management of a small hotel. With the aim of facilitating high-occupancy, high-profit property management, you will handle various management and supervisory roles, including sales administration, customer-relationship management, accounts receivable management, workforce management, and sales.
Additionally, some employees are able to advance to such specialized headquarter positions as sales, accounting, and revenue management. Handling a diverse range of duties and responsibilities both on-site at hotels and at the headquarters will enable you to refine your hotel management knowledge and skills.

Note: In accordance with the company’s twice-yearly self-evaluation system, employees can clarify their goals toward attaining a desired position.

MYSTAYS HOTEL Group Brand Lineup


    International city hotels that provide luxurious space and a relaxed stay.


    Accommodation-oriented hotels that offers comfort and quality service, especially in large cities.


    Mid-to-long-term stay hotels starting from single-night stays all rooms with a mini kitchen.


    Serviced apartments with furnishings.

  • My CUBE

    CUBE private-rooms with hotel quality relaxation.


    Full-service hotels with unique hospitality of each area.


    Home quality serviced apartments with hotel like interior and service.

  • *MYSTAYS also operates various other independent hotel brands than those listed above. For example, we also manage resort hotels located in Japan's beautiful nature and provide high quality service for our customers for a great experience.

Overview of hotel management jobs

The hotel operation and management business involves commitments to basically two groups of stakeholders.

  • 1. For hotel owners

    We sign contracts to manage facilities for hotel owners, pledging to execute "strategic property (e.g., hotel) management" and return a strong profit.

    For hotel owners
  • 2. For hotel guests

    We deliver pleasing stays—through our pledge to provide hospitality and services—to guests who patronize the hotels we have pledged to operate, manage, and fill to capacity.

  • Front staff

    ~ Learn the basics of hotel management ~

    • Reservations (telephone, internet, sales, etc.)
    • Check-in/Check-out, concierge and other front-desk customer-relations responsibilities
    • Internet reservation-site management (accommodations planning, responding to customer feedback, blogging, etc.)
    • Researching appealing tourist spots in the vicinity of the hotel
    • Invoice creation, vendor payments, accounting tasks
    • Other hotel operations duties, etc.
  • Beverage service staff

    ~ Learn professional beverage service skills ~

    • Restaurant reception (reservations and bookings)
    • Seating of guests
    • Order-taking
    • Meal and beverage recommendations
    • Banquet hall preparation and service (wedding receptions, parties, etc.)
  • Manager

    ~ Gain work experience by overseeing the operation of various hotel sections ~

    • Basic service staff duties
    • Staff training and guidance
    • Revenue management and analysis, rate control
    • Planning, sales, budget creation, management, reporting to owner, etc.
  • Headquarter department staff

    ~ Embrace the challenge of specialized headquarter department responsibilities ~

    • Various duties based on front-desk work experience (including those below)
    • Management of each hotel, corporate sales, new hotel development, accounting, HR, etc.
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